I’d rather be drawing!

As an artist creates a piece of art, she pours a bit of herself into the creation – that’s what makes each piece of artwork unique.

AvatarPatA little about me: I have a ‘vision’ bucket list and drawing is on it! Right up there with seeing the Bay of Fundy and the Great Wall of China. The reason it’s a vision list is that I am living with an eye condition RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa), that is slowly robbing me of my sight. Don’t feel sad for me though, no one knows what lies ahead in this life and with RP, I do know and knowing can be an advantage. We all have a challenge and this is mine, so I plan to remember everything I can commit to memory and appreciate the beauty that is everywhere.

Adults are coloring

I will always enjoy pencil drawing but I have recently tried my hand at pen / ink and found that I love making coloring pages for teens and adults. We are always looking for ways to de-stress and unwind, even pass the time in a waiting room. Coloring is perfect for all of the above – all you need is a set of colored pencils, a coloring book and you’re set!



My recent drawings


hummingbirdframed HummingbirdFramed

framed2  framed1