I’d rather be drawing!

Imagine enjoying an afternoon of solitude, or chatting around the table with friends and glasses of wine. Now imagine it while coloring! You’ll feel artistic while the stresses of the day fade away.

serenitycoverIf you know me, you already know I’d rather be drawing than most anything. When I started drawing this style, I discovered the relaxation in it, particularly in making mandalas, so I made loads of them! But these drawings needed to be brought to life with color, and that’s what led to…

Serenity – Adult Coloring

If coloring my drawings is as relaxing for you as making them is for me, then I consider this project a success.

My coloring book is available for purchase at FriesenPress bookstore.

*Soon on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, Chapters Indigo, Barnes and Noble and more!*

PrintThese before and afters give you an idea of how they might look, but with the book in your hands, you’re the artist!

‘Autumn’ – the water color effect works well on this page.


Adults coloring isn’t new

image_09bI remember coloring with my mom, she colored one side and I colored the other. When I became the mom, I colored one side and my child colored the other! Today we have an assortment of adult themes, detailed patterns, designs and pictures to choose from.





A little about me: I have a ‘vision’ bucket list and drawing is on it, more specifically, making a coloring book – and I’ll check it off the list effective November 2016! Here’s why it’s a vision list: I live with an eye condition RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa), that is slowly robbing me of my sight. Don’t feel sad for me though, we all have a challenge and this is mine. I am appreciating the beauty that is everywhere and committing as much to memory while I can. My coloring book celebrates sight, color and my love of this planet!