I’d rather be drawing!

Serenity, Adult Coloring


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Features of the book:

  • Size is 8.5 x 11
  • Drawings are on one side only
  • Hard cover makes a firm coloring surface
  • Soft cover’s flexibility is good for packing into a back pack or suitcase
  • A coloring book makes a great gift
  • Lots of themes and mandalas to suit any mood




A little about me: I have a ‘vision’ bucket list and drawing is on it, more specifically, making a coloring book – and now I can check it off the list! This is why it’s a vision list: I live with an eye condition RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa), that is slowly robbing me of my sight. Don’t feel sad for me though, we all have a challenge and this is mine. I am appreciating the beauty that is everywhere and committing as much to memory while I can. My coloring book celebrates sight, color and my love of this planet!

Top 10 reasons to buy Serenity Adult Coloring

♥ Coloring keeps you from getting bored while you wait.
♥ You need to know what it says on the mugs in the campsite scene.
♥ You love bringing drawings to life with color.
♥ You need a gift for your mom or dad, or friend, or your neighbor?
♥ You need an any-time gift, like celebrating that it’s Tuesday!
♥ It’s a great “waiting for baby” thing to do (probably just the first baby – unless they both nap at the same time!)
♥ Detail in my theme pages is mesmerizing .. relaxing .. meditative
♥ Drawings are on one side of the page only, in case you want to remove them!
♥ You need some eclectic artwork for a wall.
♥ It’s a relaxing thing to do around the table with friends.. and wine..
♥ Even if you don’t color, you’ll know your purchase supports a great cause – Dogs With Wings 🙂

And that’s eleven! But seriously, if coloring my drawings is as relaxing for you as making them was for me, then I consider this project a success.

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